Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What do I need in order to renew online?
A: You need to have the following:
Q: How can I update my mailing address?
A: To update your address please contact the DOBOR at (808) 587-1970. You must contact the DOBOR before completing your renewal online in order to receive your new registration card. Or you may use the Report Changes link to report address change if your vessel is not due for renew.
Q: If I am purchasing ramp user decal only and I have a registered vessel, where will they be mailed to?
A: They will be mailed to the address specified by you during the transaction.
Q: Does DOBOR share registration data with other agencies or companies?
A: Data on your vessel's characteristics, collected through the registration process, may be shared with DOBOR's partner agencies. Data-sharing is conducted to facilitate research and resource management. You may be asked to participate in future surveys about how you use your vessel. Your response is voluntary and confidential.
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